Herbal Vinegars for Your Health


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Herbal vinegars are delicious and nutritious for your health.  They are made by infusing herbs in a jar of apple cider vinegar for 6 weeks or more.  They are easy to make and fun!  It’s a good way to use those herbs you’ve been growing in the garden, but maybe you were not sure what to do with them.

Apple cider vinegar has long been used for its numerous health benefits.  Vinegar is loaded with calcium.  In fact, 1 tablespoon of vinegar has as much calcium as a glass of milk!  When you combine the vinegar with an herb, it pulls out the vitamins and minerals from plant material into the vinegar and increases the nutritional value of the herb.


How to Make Herbal Vinegars

To make your own herbal vinegar, you need fresh herbs, a glass jar and apple cider vinegar.  Favorite herbs to use are chives, dandelion, garlic, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage and thyme.  You can use the leaves and stems.  Cut a few bunches of stems with leaves, place on your cutting board and chop into small pieces.  The smaller the pieces, the more plant matter is exposed to the vinegar and can draw out all those vitamins and minerals.

Put the chopped herb into the jar and fill it to the top.  Pour in the apple cider vinegar and stir with the end of a wooden spoon to saturate all the herb and release air pockets.  Top off the jar with more vinegar and cap with a plastic lid.  If you don’t have a plastic lid, then place a layer or two of plastic in between the lid and jar.  Remember, vinegar corrodes and rusts metal and will ruin your beautiful vinegar.  Set your jar of herbal vinegar in your pantry for about 6 weeks to infuse.

Use on beans, grains, greens, veggies, or meats.  You won’t need vitamin and mineral supplements if you take your delicious herbal vinegars every day!

A Tip:

Don’t use white vinegar as it is too acidic and has had all the minerals stripped out of it.  Other vinegars like wine, balsamic, malt and rice may overpower your herbs and are expensive.  Use raw apple cider vinegar or pasteurized apple cider vinegar.  Just remember, the raw apple cider vinegar has the “mother” in it.  It is what makes the vinegar, and is harmless, but if you don’t like the floaties then use the pasteurized.  Enjoy!



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