Urban Farming–Pioneers Transforming Cities

The Good Food Revolution:  Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities

The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People and Communities



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In the past, pioneers traveled across the country in search of that perfect homestead land to grow their own food, raise their children and be self-reliant.  These were the people that built our country with an independent and do-it-yourself attitude. They provided crops from their farms and beef from their ranches.  Land, and all they could afford, was what they wanted.

Today, people still dream of homesteading.  And that dream of growing their own food, raising their children with the principles of homesteading and the yearning for self-reliance is still in their hearts.  But, today, there are no wagon trains heading west.  Today, our pioneers are taking a stand in the cities.  They are reclaiming their front lawns, vacant weedy lots, rooftops and even patches of dirt on highway medians.  They are proving that we don’t have to feed the world.  We just need to feed ourselves, one community, one city, at a time.  And when each community around the world can do this, the world can feed itself.


Here are some examples of today’s pioneers and cities that are making the change.

Growing Power—After Will Allen’s career in professional basketball, he started Growing Power, an urban farm on 2 acres in Milwaukee.  On just a few acres he raises 20,000 plants and vegetables, bees, rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens and fish in a sustainable food system.  He distributes this food to low-income residents as well as restaurants.

UPDATE:  Will Allen’s new book, Good Food Revolution, was just released.  Click here to read his story.

Check out his website at http://www.growingpower.org



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Grown in Detroit Documentary





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