Do Goats Eat Fish? Additives and Preservatives in Our Diet

Food, Inc

Food, Inc

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©2009 Shanna Lea (formerly Shanna Ohmes)


It started one day at the local feed store.  I walked into the storage room to pick out a bag of sweet feed.  The owner was busy with another customer so as I waited, I scanned through the list of ingredients on some of the labels.  I did a double take and read the words again…..


Urea?     Animal-derived protein?    Plant protein by-products?

The “feed” in this bag had components of urine, possibly fish meal or chicken feathers and the hulls from grain processing that have no nutritive value.

Goats are herbivores.   We raised the goats to produce milk for our family. I’d never seen wild herbivores eating fish or any of the other ingredients from this list, and there was no way I would feed this to my goats that our children drank the milk from.

So, I researched what old homesteaders used to feed their livestock and what wild animals foraged on.  I changed the goats’ diet to whole grains:  corn, oats and barley.  The old homesteaders used to call this cob.  I took the goats for daily hikes so they could browse for their natural diet.  They became healthier on the free range diet and the milk tasted delicious.

Next, I looked at the ingredients of our SAD (Standard American Diet) foods.  The more I read, the more aware I became of the chemicals in our food.  From seed to harvest and calf to plastic wrapped beef, our food contained pesticides, hormones, additives and preservatives.

One day I read that today’s morgues use less embalming fluid on the deceased than fifty years ago.  We are preserving ourselves to the grave!

What can we do?

We have paid a price for our convenience.  We live in a sterile, plastic, disease ridden world.  We can turn back the clock by growing more of our own food, eating locally grown vegetables, fruits, and meats and by supporting small farms that grow food naturally.

Sure, it can be a little more expensive.  But, as the saying goes:

buy cheap food now at the grocery store, pay for expensive health care later at the hospital.

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