Herbal Medicine Making Kit….Learn How to Make Your Own Herbal Remedies



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©2010 Shanna Lea (formerly Shanna Ohmes)

Did you know you can make your own tinctures, salves, herbal syrups and infusions right in your own kitchen?  By learning how to make your own safe herbal remedies for your family you will have peace of mind knowing your are keeping your family healthy as well as saving money by learning how to do it yourself.





In the Herbal Medicine Making Kit by Learning Herbs.com, you will learn to make Echinacea tincture, herbal healing salves (for cuts, scrapes and bumps), nourishing herbal infusions, and elderberry syrup (just in time for the cold and flu season!).  The kit also comes with a step-by-step DVD and an instruction guide.

In this tough and uncertain economy, it’s time to take our healthcare back into our own hands and learn how to make the simple, safe and effective herbal remedies that our ancestors and traditional cultures made.

“Click here” to for more information on how to make your own herbal remedies!



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