How to Spin Wool

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Learning how to spin wool and make your own yarn on the spinning wheel just takes a little time and practice.  I remember when I got my spinning wheel years ago and basically taught myself out of a book and reading forums in the spinning community.  Today, there are videos on YouTube and DVD’s available in addition to the books to help you visually see how spinning is done.

How I Spin by Master Spinner Rita Bucanan shows you her way of spinning fibers on the spinning wheel in her DVD:

  • Controlling the yarn size with your hands instead of wheel adjustments
  • Use cards and combs
  • Dye fiber in your oven
  • An easy way to ply
  • Even how to spin cotton while you read your favorite book
  • And much more


Here is one of Rita Buchanan’s video’s about why she spins

How I Spin Preview with Rita Buchanan

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