Having Fun with Goats: Pack Goats Ease Your Homestead Work Load and Carry Your Camping Gear!

The Pack Goat


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During the years I homeschooled my kids, we raised goats for milk and wool.  I kept a few wethers (castrated males) back for work goats.  After reading The Pack Goat, I bought a pack and made a few of my own and we set out hiking around the pastures every day.  Some days we fixed fence and the packs came in handy for fencing supplies like extra wire, staples, pliars and such.  Other days we packed up a small cast iron griddle and eggs and bacon and hiked down the creek bed for a few miles and then practiced our fire starting skills and cooked breakfast.  And at the end of summer we hiked down to the wild sand plum thickets and spent the mornings picking plums.



The goats enjoyed our outings as much as we did, especially plum picking.  They would forage among the bushes, their lips stained red, while we picked enough to fill 2 packs.  The fun started when one of them, named Chili the Kid, figured out the pack he was carrying had the goods and promptly figured out how to unzip it!

The Pack Goat

Goats make great hiking partners.  If you love to hike, but physically can’t carry a pack due to bad knees or back, get your goat to carry it for you!  Ours carried water, food, supplies, rocks or anything else we needed or found on our day hikes.  Many people now use them to pack in camping supplies, like camping tents or teepees, lawn chairs, cooking stoves and food.  Ham radio equipment, outdoor photography equipment, outfitter supplies and other fun outdoor activities will get you and your goat outside and enjoying nature.  Letting a goat carry your pack frees you up from carrying a heavy load, allows you to bring extra supplies and can be an extra hand (hoof?) around the homestead.

Enjoy the videos below and the links beneath them for more information on packing with your goat!

Along the trail with pack goats


McCurdy Mountian Colorado for Summits on the Air (SOTA)

Packing in with a Goat String, Part 1



If you enjoyed the video, click here  Packing in with a goat string, Part 2  to watch the 2nd one.  It has more on the Kifaru tipi and arctic stove.

Helpful Links:


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