Joel Salatin—Pathways to Relocalization Part 3 and 4

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We Are All Disconnected from Our Food and Our World—Joel Salatin Discusses Pathways to Relocalization Part 3 and 4

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Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms is one of the few people in our world today that doesn’t just tell us what is wrong with our system, but lives and breathes the solutions that will propel us down a path of correcting this insane hamster wheel system our modern lives run on.  The solution is simple.   It is common sense.  It is ancient.

In short, it is bringing everything in our lives back to our local community.  Picture your community as a close knit tribe where the members—your neighbors—are the butchers, the candle makers, the bakers, the soap makers and the cheese makers.

These would be the people you would interact with on a daily basis in your community and know how they raise their livestock, visit while they make your bread or cheese or soap, and you would know exactly what goes into the food or product you are buying:  all within the radius of your small village.  This is re-localization.  This brings a stable economy back into our own hands.  This is connecting us back to the web of life.

In Joel Salatin’s words:  it will be a “re-discovery of our kitchens and re-finding our home as the hub of our life, rather than the home being just a pit stop between everything else that’s important in life”.

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I hope you enjoy the videos.  Part3 and 4 are on this post.  Parts 1 and 2 are in the previous post.

Joel Salatin Pathways to Relocalization Part 3

Joel Salatin Pathways to Relocalization Part 4





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