Best Herbs for Gum Disease and Dental Health

healthy teeth and gums

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The best herbs for gum disease and general dental health are antibacterial and help fight the bacteria and plaque that build up on the gums and teeth.  The best way to keep your gums and teeth healthy is eating a healthy diet, brushing your teeth and seeing your dentist regularly.  The average person brushes their teeth for less than a minute and needs to brush closer to 3 minutes.  Adding and herbal toothpaste and mouthwash to your daily routine will also keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Herbal Toothpastes, Mouthwashes and Teas

There are many herbal tooth powders, toothpastes, and mouth rinses available on the market today.  Herbal toothpastes and mouthwashes reduce stains on teeth, plaque, bleeding gums and gum infection.  Some studies show that they also kill germs better than many commercial products on the market.

  • Tooth Powders:  look for a tooth powder that promotes circulation in the gums—it should have a warming quality to it.
  • Toothpastes:  look for toothpastes that have these herbs—green tea, gotu kola, aloe, Echinacea, plantain and calendula.  For antibacterial properties and flavor, look for eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint and lavender essential oils.

In Ayurvedic preparations, clove oil has been used for centuries to numb painful teeth.  Studies today show it also treats tooth decay.  Clove essential oil is a potent killer of the bacteria that causes oral cancer and decay also.  Use toothpaste with clove oil or make a mouth rinse with clove tea.

  • Herbal Mouthwash and Rinse:  new studies have shown that cranberry is very effective at preventing plaque bacteria from building up on the teeth.  Cranberry also reduces inflammation of the gums.  Green tea and black tea also kill the bacteria and prevent it from sticking to teeth.

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How to Make an Herbal Mouthwash

Choose the herb you want to make the mouthwash from and make a tea to use as a rinse.  You can also stir the herb powder into water.  Rinse your mouth with the tea for several minutes, gargle and then spit it out.

Herbal Teas for Internal Use

Gotu kola made into a strong tea using 1-2 ounces of herb is very effective at healing connective tissue and gums.  Drink daily.

Other herbal teas to take internally are turmeric, oatstraw and Chinese teasel root.

For healthy gums and teeth, eat a healthy diet, brush twice a day, use good quality herbs in your toothpaste and mouthwash preparations and drink herbal teas from reputable sources.  My favorite herbal company is Mountain Rose Herbs I buy all my herbs and I buy my essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils.  Click on the link or the banner below for the freshest and highest quality herbs for all your needs.



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