Lil’ Drac—The Tale of an Orphaned Baby Short-Tailed Fruit Bat

lil' drac


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©2011 Shanna Lea (formerly Shanna Ohmes)

Whatever you are doing, stop and take a moment to enjoy the pure sweetness of this orphaned baby bat.  Lil’ Drac was found curled up on the floor of Bat World Sanctuary when his mother abandoned him after a stressful and traumatic move from a zoo closure.  The volunteers at Bat World Sanctuary hand raised him and shot this wonderful video of his recovery.  Watch how he ‘rocks’ himself to sleep after feeding.



From Bat World website:

“His mother was yet another casualty from zoo closures which are occurring across the US.  She is a young mother who was stressed from conditions in which she was kept, combined with the additional trauma of being captured and transferred to a new and unfamiliar environment.  Consequently, she abandoned Lil’ Drac after he was born.  He was found on the padded floor of the indoor flight enclosure at Bat World Sanctuary, curled up in a little ball.”

BatWorldSanctuary—Lil’ Drac





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