Build an Entire Natural Health Library for Under $40

Extreme Health Library Sale


UPDATE:  The Extreme Health Library Sale is closed.  Thank you to all who participated !


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©2013 Shanna Lea (formerly Shanna Ohmes)

The Art of Healing Extreme Library Sale is a huge package of 53 products designed to set you up with an entire library of Natural Health information for an affordable one-time price of $39.97.

This package has a retail value of $835.32, and is on sale for 10 Days, from Tuesday, February 26-March 7, 2013.

Our favorite real food health bloggers and doctors joined together to create a package of products for you for your own health journey.  Each of our contributors writes from their own experiences, whether professional or personal.


The package is focused on health and wellness tools that are affordable and some are free.  This is important for each of us in this economy when we are stretching our budgets and trying to protect our health at the same time.

Browse through the many categories of natural health which include:

  • Relieve Common Conditions—depression, adrenal fatigue, aging, infertility, fibromyalgia, cancer, acne, diabetes, and ADHD
  • Plant Remedies:  Herbs, Oils, & Trees—herbal remedies, tree medicines, ancient wisdom, and healing power of plants
  • Natural Living—natural beauty recipes, skin care, salves, detox, energy healing and EFT
  • Nutrition Tools—real food challenge, shoppers guide to real food, and real food cookbooks
  • Fermentation—lacto-fermentation, sourdough and healthy sodas
  • Gluten-Free—gluten-free cookbooks and menu planner
  • Weston Price Diet—nourishing through traditional diets
  • White Papers—raw milk, children’s health, flower essences, and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Folic Acid Metabolism– 1 in 2 people cannot utilize folic acid effectively because of a deficiency called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR)

With such a huge package, you may not be interested in each product.  You may only find one ebook, video or audio product that you need at this time in your life.  But the rest of the extensive health library is there for other times when you may need the information for yourself or your family.

This opportunity to build an entire natural health library for under $40 may not come around again.  Be sure and take advantage of this limited time opportunity before March 7, 2013.

This a one-time-only flash sale, digitally delivered to your email inbox.  You do not need special devices to read these files.  You will be walked through the file formats and how to view them.

Click here The Art of Healing Extreme Library Sale or on the banners to buy now.









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