Herb First Aid with 7Song Course Reopened for 2 Days!

Herb First Aid with 7Song


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Exciting news!  John from LearningHerbs has reopened the Herb First Aid 7Song Course for 2 days.


It will close again Wednesday, Feb 27 at midnight.





So many people did not hear about the course until after it was closed, even with the initial huge turnout, and there have been so many requests to sign up.




This is a great opportunity to get in on the remainder of the course, but bear in mind that you will miss out on half of the course “bonus” which is 7Song’s personal involvement in answering questions in a weekly mp3.

7Song is on the site for another month

However—you still benefit from the rest of the course on herbal first aid and have ongoing access to the site.  For those of you not able to join a few weeks ago, you can join now.

Click here Herb First Aid with 7Song or on the banner for all the details.

Those already in the course are LOVING Herb First Aid.

John will close the course Wednesday at midnight OR earlier if he gets way more sign ups than expected.  He can really handle only so many people as LearningHerbs is focused on providing an excellent learning experience for everyone.




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