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Posted by Shanna Lea (formerly Shanna Ohmes)

[Guest Blog Post from Amy Hendrickson of Grateful Heart Healing Energy.]

  • What circumstances led you to flower essences? 

I had been familiar with Bach’s Rescue Remedy for years, and had used it with varying degrees of success.

My online teacher had been talking about flower essences, and I began playing around with the Bach line.  I enjoyed them and felt some healing shifts.  Then one day I mentioned flowers from the Australian Bush line, and my teacher jumped on it.  She loves those flowers, and felt so strongly that they would be essential for me.

I began to play with them for myself, my children and some friends.  They were fun, but more importantly I saw results.  We were calmer, more focused. I started to use them more seriously and saw a significant shift in my son’s gut health.

These flowers spoke to me so deeply, and I knew I had found a piece of my calling.


  • How does your work address needs that you see in today’s health care system? 

Healing doesn’t have to be forced, or suppressed.  It is not necessary to take a pill to hide symptoms.  Healing does not need to be painful. It is not necessary always to just focus on the outward symptom.  If you can get to the heart of the problem, and help your body make a shift, that is where real, amazing, breathtaking, lasting change comes in.

Energy medicine, particularly flower essences, helps your body release the heart of the problem.  You are able to heal that inner kernel of hurt so that your body can stop manifesting that pain as outward emotional or physical pain.

Flower essences are a fantastic way to support a body to heal on its own, or support a patient while healing in other ways.  My MD often suggests flower essences to his patients because he knows that their gentle healing works.


  • What do you wish more people knew about health?

 Your body wants to heal.  It wants to shift back into balance.  Give it the tools it needs, and it will.  You can’t force healing with regular medicine, which has the potential of suppressing the underlying problems.   You can be gentle with your body, support it’s healing and allow it to heal itself.

Your mind is a powerful tool in the healing process.  Do not underestimate the power of affirmations and gratitude.

  • What has been hardest for you on this path of natural health through energy medicine? 

So many people are not familiar with flower essences.  When I mention flower essence blends, individuals often look like deer in headlights.  I totally understand this reaction.  I wasn’t aware of this amazing healing modality until my teacher came into my life. Aside from Bach’s Rescue Remedy, flower essences are just not used in mainstream healing.

This unease doesn’t have to remain that way, though.  Flower essences are fun, responsive, and easy for the new learner.

An individual can dip their toes in by purchasing an already created combination blend, or by requesting a custom blend.  Or they can jump in further, read descriptions of flower essences, feel inspired by flower photos and then create a special blend themselves.


  • What three natural alternatives could individuals add to their life to improve their personal health?Gratitude – Gratitude has been a major game changer in my life.  Gratitude is what allowed a major healing shift to happen for me:  first, as a young woman during my first year of college; second, when pulling myself out of post partum depression after my third baby.Spending time everyday just being, just appreciating the beauty and magic in life.  Taking the time to notice the little things.  This is where magic happens.Energy Medicine – I have been on a journey the past 6 years healing my body.  I have seen the most dramatic changes from homeopathy,  flower essences and reiki.Basic homeopathic remedies can be found in health food stores.  Or consider finding a homeopath you can trust to help you make some major shifts in your health.The basics of flower essences can be discovered on your own, or hire a practitioner to blend up a bottle of healing energy,I love reiki for the relaxing, instantaneous, good feeling energy that occurs during a session.Affirmations – So much healing occurs through the mind.  I use affirmations all of the time, as do my children.  They are a powerful tool in helping your body shift and heal.  I believe in them so strongly that I add an affirmation to every flower essence blend that I make.

Any more questions for me?

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