Herb Fairies is Now OPEN


Herb Fairies is Now OPEN

Herb Fairies is Now CLOSED


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HERB FAIRIES IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM   <<< CLICK HERE >>> to purchase the books on amazon


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Not just a series of chapter books for kids (or kids at heart), it’s a complete herbal learning system.

Read the books to your kids and use the extra materials and bonuses, such as the “Recipe Cards”, to grow together in your herbal knowledge base and discover the magic of herbs.

The entire Herb Fairies learning system is explained right here…

Many of you have enjoyed the Wildcraft board game from LearningHerbs.  Herb Fairies will take you deeper into learning herbal skill with recipes, remedies, activities, coloring pages, journaling, games and more.

The Herb Fairies herbal learning system empowers your kids through storytelling and fun activities and they won’t even feel like they are learning.  Written by Kimberly Gallagher over a 3 year process, this is the greatest educational experience LearningHerbs has ever created.   I am proud to promote this amazing herbal learning experience.

Click here to join us.  But hurry, it closes Saturday, April 13, 2013.

A few testimonials:

“Herb Fairies is a wonderful and lasting way for children to learn. The benefits of each herb is encapsulated by magical fairies who teach courage, honesty and the importance of helping others. Each month your child will listen as the story unfolds and can follow the words in a beautifully illustrated book. They will learn about each herb and can then have fun following recipes with friends, watch their confidence grow as they share their herbal knowledge. These magical Herb Fairies enhance your child’s life by making them aware that herbs are magical too.”

“My boys had so much fun with the Herb Fairies series. They look for the fairies in out garden. They can now identify and now some simple uses and recipes for the herbs they learned about”

–       C. Priestley, New Jersey

“Love this whole package of material! The kids can listen to stories on their own or my older daughter can read to her sister. They have journals & ezines to work from & the coloring pages for silly/busy work. Recipes to create & teas and poultices for their friends throughout the year. The best science curriculum for a homeschooling family (along with my old college botany textbooks), fun and informative, they’re not joking! I’ve learned so much & it’s opened up our world to a whole new aspect of self-sufficiency.”    

– R. Lindsay, Matituck


Herb Fairies

Herb Fairies now available on amazon.com


Herb Fairies was a wonderful experience for both my granddaughter and me. The stories helped us remember what the different herbs were used for better than just learning in an herb book. We loved the way the recipes and coloring pages all went together. It was a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun. The next book was always anticipated.”

 – S Carlson, California

“My daughter and I knew very little about herbs. This series is a fun and entertaining way to learn about them. Not only that, it also taught us about compassion to others and how we could help someone in need. Not only these book taught us science, it also helped us with character building. Thank you for sharing with the world your knowledge.”

– N. Nunez, Florida

“Herb Fairies is a delightful compelling adventure. There is so much depth and learning to be had. We listen and read the stories over and over gleaning something new every time. I am grateful for these sweet compassionate stories that are full of soul and inspiration for young and old alike.”

– T. Schemmel, Washington

“This was a fantastic adventure that our whole family enjoyed and learned from!”

– N. Profit, Texas

“Our family loves Herb Fairies! My children especially love listening to the audio books in the car and at bedtime almost every night! In addition to learning about specific herbs in the books, Herb Fairies has inspired us to explore more of our local plants and their uses.”

– K. Amona, Hawaii





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