Day 3 and 4 Sit Spot Challenge—Life Is Everywhere

Mourning Doves Image by Tobyotter

Mourning Doves Image by Tobyotter


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© 2013 Shanna Lea

How are you doing at your Sit Spot?  Did you draw out your map in your Nature Journal?  Days 3 and 4 of the Sit Spot Challenge have been busy for me.  The birds have been active.  The mourning doves chase each other though the yards, cooing loudly as they run their flybys, swooping low into the yard and then back up over the fences and trees.  Sparrows are chirping, jays are squawking, and the neighborhood dogs are barking more.

Then there is silence for a bit, with a few soft peeps here and there.  It has been hot and humid.  As long as I can remember, we’ve always had a dry heat.  But the last 6-9 years, the summers have become more humid.  The air feels heavier with the moisture.  One of my dogs loves the new back yard and I can’t get him to come in.  The other one pines at the back door wanting to be where the central air conditioning is.

Whether inside or out, I constantly hear the chatter of birds, dogs barking, or wind chimes when the breeze blows through.  I smell a hint of skunk odor from down the alley, and hear the buzz of flies and cicadas.  A spider is making her web in one of the windows of my porch.  The ivy that was cut back from the front porch is creeping across the stucco again, inching forward everyday, reclaiming its turf.

Yesterday I went to Mariposa Urban Market to buy my fresh picked salad and sunflower sprouts.  I love their greenhouse:   the earthy smell of the worm compost they use to grow the plants, the sound of running water from the tilapia aquaponic system they have set up, and watching the water run over the smooth stones in the troughs while the fish swim around.

Everywhere I look, there is life.  Life, Nature, is everywhere.  You don’t have to go to the wilderness to find Nature.  It is around you already.  Today, look for Life around your Sit Spot and draw it on your map.



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