Day 6 Sit Spot Challenge—Composting and Decomposition

Decomposing Leaf image by alykat

Decomposing Leaf image by alykat


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Have you ever run your hands through compost and mulch as you worked it into the soil and wondered about the process it went through to become the life-giving miracle that it is?

Death/Decomposition is happening all around us everyday.  It’s part of the cycle of life, ever evolving and changing and then growing anew.

Today, look around your Sit Spot for decomposing material.  This may seem a strange request, after looking for Life the last few days, but when you see decomposing leaves and grass or perhaps a baby bird that has fallen from the nest and died in the mass of ivy below, what do you see?

In our modern society, we often shun topics that deal with death.  In Nature, death is part of the daily struggle, but it also brings forth new life.

I found this video today that shows decomposition process of fruits and vegetables through a time-lapse of 74 days.  Be sure to watch to the end and record your thoughts in your Nature Journal.  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

Fruit and Vegetable Decomposition, Time-Lapse



Want to learn more about decomposition?  Click here to read the Basics of Decomposition at the Daily Dump Compost at Home website.




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