Day 9 Sit Spot Challenge—Fox Walking and Wide Angle Vision Part 2

The Way of the Scout by Tom Brown Jr

The Way of the Scout by Tom Brown Jr


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Fox Walking quickly became a favorite skill with my children on our hikes.  While we were homeschooling and raising goats, I read Tom Brown’s scouting stories to my kids from his book “The Way of the Scout”,  as part of our homeschooling curriculum,  and they were fascinated by his stalking and scouting adventures.

On our hikes, we took our herd of goats with us every day.  We had our own adventures on our hikes, but some of our favorites were when we would use the skills taught by Tom Brown Jr and play hide and seek with the goats.  My son usually took off ahead of us on his own and the goats would worry where he went.  We kept hiking down the trails and gullies, through the hills, and before long, he would step out from behind a boulder behind us and meld into the herd.  Some of the goats were surprised when he showed up behind them.  He was very good at sneaking up on all of us.

My daughter employed these techniques at her workplace.  It was unnerving for her co-workers to suddenly see her standing beside them, silently, and then realizing she had been there for a few minutes.  Of course she loved this game and I enjoyed hearing her stories each day and proud of her awareness skills.

Here is Part 2 of the video from yesterday’s post, where you will learn the Fox Walk.  Try it in your backyard and post a comment below on what you learned!

Fox Walking and Wide Angle Vision Part 2 by HedgehogLeatherworks


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