Human Planet—Relationship Between Humans and Nature in Harsh Environments

Eagle hunting image by peretzp

Eagle hunting image by peretzp


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Human Planet follows in the footsteps of Life and Planet Earth with the same stunning photography and amazing stories—this time of the human relationship with nature in extreme and harsh environments.

John Hurt narrates this 8-episode documentary featuring survival of traditional cultures across the planet in the deserts, grasslands, mountains and oceans.

A few of the interesting stories told through this DVD series are:

  • How a father teaches his son to harvest water snakes
  • Catching giant bats
  • Hunting for mussels in the Arctic
  • Ice-fishing for giant sharks
  • Tribal courtship rituals
  • A family creating a living bridge
  • Scaling a glacier to get to school
  • How to steal food from a lion
Human Planet DVD from

Human Planet DVD from

Human Planet features cultures across the globe who have learned how to adapt, survive and live with nature in the steamy rainforests, the frozen Arctic, islands and deserts.

Watch the Human Planet trailer below for a glimpse of the beautiful stories and stunning image quality.

Human Planet—Web exclusive series trailer—BBC One




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