Day 26 Sit Spot Challenge—Am I a Frog or a Toad?


Made the grand escape--heading back to nature !

Made the grand escape–heading back to nature !


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As kids, how many of us captured toads or frogs and kept them in a jar, box or small aquarium to study?   Were they frogs?  Or toads?  How do you tell the difference?




Which one lives in or near water?  What are the differences in their body shapes?   On page 188 of the Reader’s Digest:  North American Wildlife resource book of the Kamana naturalist course, we see a detailed description of True Toads and True Frogs.

Am I a frog?  Or a toad?

Am I a frog? Or a toad?


This is what I wrote in my notes:


  • Slim and speedy
  • Smooth skin
  • Live in or near water
  • Lay eggs in water in clumps
  • Presence or absence of dorsolateral ridges


  • Fat bodied, sluggish
  • Thick skin
  • Skin has warts
  • As tadpoles, they eat plants.  As adults eat insects.
  • Live in drier habitats
  • Lay eggs in water in strings, usually double strands
  • 1”- 9”
  • Prominent bony ridges on heads
  • Parotoid glands behind eyes
Am I a frog?  Or a toad?

Am I a frog? Or a toad?


What type of frog is in YOUR backyard?

Look at the range maps in your field guides and make your lists.  Read up on the differences and make notes about each aspect of frog behavior and other things to look for to help you identify what is in your area.

  • What color are they?
  • What identifying marks on the skin?
  • What do their feet look like?
  • What is their frog call?  ( Check out the resources below for frog and toad call CDs)
  • How big or small are they?
  • Pick one to study for your Nature Journal and sketch it out with the details you have learned.

What did you learn that was interesting?  Share your thoughts below in the comment section!


Kamana One Exploring Natural Mystery from the Wilderness Awareness School

Reader’s Digest:  North American Wildlife

A Field Guide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians 

A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians: Eastern and Central North America

The Calls of Frogs and Toads Audio CD

Sounds of North American Frogs



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