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Blooming Beets Kitchen video image

Blooming Beets Kitchen video image


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Iva Paleckova has a dream– to start the first 100% paleo restaurant in Boulder, Colorado called Blooming Beets Kitchen.   This is a real food restaurant where everything on the menu is wild caught and grass-fed, organic veggies and eggs from local farms, pastured butter, coconut and olive oil, animal fats and avocados.  There’s no added junk, nothing processed, no inflammatory foods, no soy or corn products, no vegetable oils or sugar.

In her video below, Boulder residents who follow the paleo and cross-fit lifestyle share their excitement about Iva’s endeavors, and want this type of restaurant available in their community.  If you would like to support Iva, you can donate to her cause or share this exciting story with your friends on Facebook and elsewhere.

We need more restaurants like this, and supporting those that are wanting to bring this into our communities will help change the way we eat out.

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Check out Help Launch a Boulder Paleo Restaurant: Blooming Beets Kitchen here.

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