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On Monday, January 20th, an online event called  The Survival Summit’, will be available for you to watch.  This FREE five-day online training event will feature 25 of the world’s experts on Survival and Self Reliance, teaching online classes on topics you need to know to survive disasters by planning ahead and learning specific skills.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn:

  • Develop a STRONG detailed Plan for Property Security and Threat Planning, water, energy and fuel systems and Self-Reliant Food production and storage
  • Train your mind to think clearly in an emergency situation
  • How to grow food, even in an arid climate
  • Off-grid cooking without power
  • How to survive a nuclear event
  • How to set up your property for off-grid water and energy
  • Protect your crops from pests by learning trapping secrets
  • How to make your own bio-diesel fuels
  • How to protect your loved ones in an emergency
  • How to preserve food when your stove and freezer stops working
  • Native American techniques for preserving meat in the winter
  • How to forage for food and medicinal plants in a city
  • Herbal remedies and off-grid medical knowledge for emergencies and traumatic injuries
  • Top 5 Bug Out Mistakes
  • Alternative Dentistry
  • Composting
  • How to build and use a root cellar

There will be 25 of the top experts in the field presenting at this 5-day online event, running January 20-26, 2014.  But only those that register now will have access to it.  Click here to learn more and be sure to register after watching the video.




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