Herb Fairies Are Back for 2014 With a Free Herbal Cookbook!




UPDATE:   Herb Fairies Herbal Book Club is now CLOSED

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Did you miss Herb Fairies last year?  I know a lot of people missed out and wanted to know when the children’s herbal book series would be available again.  Today, John and Kimberly Gallagher of LearningHerbs have re-opened “Herb Fairies: A Magical Tale of Plants and Their Remedies” once again, for a short time only.

This book and audio series teaches your child how to use herbs and make herbal remedies like salves, oils and tinctures through storytelling, hands on recipes and activity packs that reinforce their learning.

Not only for kids, this herbal learning system is for adults as well, especially if they’ve never worked with herbs before.  Or, you can share it with your grandchildren and learn together.  Herb Fairies is a fun series to get your feet wet and learn how to make those herbal remedies you’ve been meaning to make.

If Herb Fairies had been available when I was homeschooling, I would have added it to our homeschool curriculum in a heartbeat.  Add Herb Fairies to your unit studies and your kids will learn how to take care of their own health through remedies and delicious recipes.  It’s a great way to get them out in nature and bring it back to the kitchen with hands on activities.

Herb Fairies is giving away an herbal cookbook with 13 really fun recipes, including chickweed grilled cheese, lemon balm popsicles, REAL marshmallow and many more.  Click here to get your free cookbook!


Herb Fairies

Herb Fairies is now available on amazon.com


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