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One way that Herb Fairies books from LearningHerbs teaches kids about herbs and nature is by connecting them to the seasons.  Many kids don’t connect plants and their cycles to the seasons.  After all, they see us buying strawberries in the middle of winter, how would they know any different?


The Herb Fairies books are set up so that when you and your child read the books in spring, you will learn about plants that grow in spring, those in summer for summer and so on…

In this video, Kimberly and Hailey Gallagher show you how to harvest chickweed and then take it to the kitchen to prepare the Best Chickweed Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


After watching the video, if you and your child go out to collect chickweed, then:

  • You and your child will share an herbal experience and adventure they will never forget.
  • Your kids will know that chickweed grows outside this time of year.
  • They will also develop awareness to the other plants growing outside right now.

As your children reads through Herb Fairies, they will learn about rose, calendula, plantain, lemon balm, elder, marshmallow, and many other herbs.  By the end of the year, they will have an understanding of how plants relate to the cycles and natural rhythm of the year.

Click here to watch the video on How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Ever.  If you have not downloaded the free Herb Fairies Herbal Cookbook, be sure to do so below the video.



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