Herb Fairies 2014 is Open—5 Days Only




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Do you have kids? Or Grandkids?  Do you homeschool or want to add some extra fun activities to your child’s learning over the summer?


Herb Fairies—A Magical Tale of Plants and Their Remedies book club is now open for 5 days only.  Created by my affiliate partners John and Kimberly Gallagher from LearningHerbs, it’s a complete herbal learning system for kids through stories, journals and hands on activities for kids to learn about herbs and their remedies.

And it’s not just for girls, there are many boys who are enjoying the series and learning about herbalism.




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Here are a few testimonials from other Herb Fairies fans:

“The Herb Fairy series weaves together a beautiful picture of plant medicine, magic, love, compassion, communication, respect, joy, trust, awareness, inspiration, simplicity, and much more…I really appreciate the gender and age balance in the stories as well and believe that the books will grow with my son.  I think storytelling is a critical way to pass down the art of herbalism.” –J. Jackowski, Oregon

“Herb Fairies has opened up the world of plants for my four year old in a way that my most earnest instruction somehow did not.  I feel she is connected to the plant world now in a deeper part of her being.”  –B. Cook, New Zealand

“Herb Fairies is a wonderful and lasting way for children to learn.  The benefits of each herb is encapsulated by magical fairies who teach courage, honesty and the importance of helping others.”  –K. Relf, United Kingdom

“The stories are really well written.  There is a pattern that keeps my daughter engaged knowing the flow to expect in the stories but it doesn’t get boring or old ever.  She could listen to the audio of the books over and over again.  She is able to find all of the herbs out in the wilderness here where we live.  The only thing that we wish is that it wouldn’t end!”  –J. Bevington, Ohio


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“I got this for my grand kids, but I learned more than I could imagine.  Now when they come over, we have that special ‘herb’ time with Grams…. You are never to old to learn.”  –S. Decker, Texas

“I have been using herbs for over 40 years and have had many books on herbs.  The way Herb Fairies is presented is logical, easy to use AND easy to understand.  And the recipes are fun!”  –T. Allen, Washington

“My son loved the characters, he talks as if he knows them!  It has helped all of my children with their plant identification skills.  They love harvesting herbs to make goodies.  The fact that they gathered herbs and made things with the herbs is so impressive to their relatives.  They have requests from family members to make them herbal products.  Thanks a bunch Herb Fairies!!!”  –T. Robbins, Pennsylvania

“There’s just something about watching my children wander through an open field ‘listening’ for the plants.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I do it, too!  Thank you, Herb Fairies, for opening our ears and eyes to the amazing world of plants!”  –C. Connors, Washington

“Our girls walk around spewing information about herbs growing around our house.  They make poultices and decoctions and are so excited about learning more about the herbs that grow in our everyday life and how we can use them.  It’s so rewarding to see them so excited about what others call ‘weeds’!“   –L. Grim, North Carolina









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