Essential Gardening Tools and Accessories for Small Gardens


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Working in the garden, even a small garden, means having the right tools for the job at hand. I’ve dug in the ground with all kinds of tools, and even my bare hands, and there’s nothing like having the right tools and accessories to make it easier to work in the garden.

The right gardening tools and accessories also depend on the size of garden you are working in. A large garden with ground-level beds requires an assortment of shovels for moving piles of compost or dirt and for edging and digging. A good sturdy hoe helps keep the weeds at bay and a pick ax breaks up hard top soil. I couldn’t do without a wheelbarrow to haul mulch and compost around the garden. Over time, this limited collection of tools and accessories will grow to suit your particular gardening style.

If you have a small garden, you will need a different set of gardening tools. The following is a list of tools ideal for small gardening.

Essential Collection of Gardening Hand-Tools

The most efficient tools are short-handled and ergonomically designed for hand planting and small digging jobs.   There are several hand-held gardening tools on the market. Here are a few you’ll want to consider:

  • Short-Handled Trowel: Regardless of its size, a good trowel is indispensible for any garden. Look for one with a pointy tip, which makes it useful for planting seeds, digging out stubborn weeds and to loosen the soil.
  • 3-Pronged Cultivator: This tool has 3 prongs to help loosen the soil and creates uniform burrows for planting. I’ve also used it to pull up small weeds.
  • Transplanter: A transplanter is designed to make transplanting seedlings easier. Some styles have gradation marks as a guide for planting each seedling at the appropriate depth.

To save time, look for a pre-packaged hand tool set that is high quality as well as affordable. Here are some that are highly rated on Amazon.

When deciding which hand-held gardening tools to purchase, look for those that offer ergonomic design features. Soft contoured handles are designed to hold your wrist in a neutral position, which will reduce unnecessary strain on your wrists while you are gardening.

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Working in the garden is fun and relaxing, and it’s dirty. Insect bites, cuts, scrapes and stepping on rocks and other sharp objects are all part of the fun and work. So, no matter how big or small your garden is, be sure to wear the proper clothing to protect against some of these not-so-fun incidents.

First, you’ll need gloves and protective footwear. Gardening gloves should fit properly and protect against sharp thorns and prickly shrubs. Fabric gloves with protective rubberized coating along the palms and fingertips are a great choice. They dry easily and the fit still allows for finger dexterity.

Durable boots are best if you are doing a lot of heavy digging. They will make the job easier and safer. When you stomp down on the shovel for extra leverage, you’ll appreciate that added layer of protection. For other garden jobs, a pair of rubber gardening clogs are great. They keep your feet dry and are easy to hose off when you are done digging in the dirt.

And last, every gardener needs a good wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and ears from long hours in the sun. Now you are all set, so go out and have fun and let your personal style shine through!

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