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Kimchi is a fermented side dish made from fermenting different vegetables with seasonings.  A staple in the Korean diet, it is like pasta is to Italians or potatoes to Americans.  It has an interesting and complex flavor, and as it becomes more popular, more people are including it in their diets.



Here are 5 ways to use Kimchi in your favorite dishes:

Fried Rice—Instead of Chinese fried rice, make Kimchi fried rice instead!


1 Bowl of cooked rice

1 ½ cups kimchi

Chinese sausage or Chorizo, cut up

1 Tbs soy sauce

Green onion, minced

1 egg

Salt and pepper to taste

Stir fry the kimchi, then add the rice and the rest of the ingredients until heated through.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich—Chop the kimchi into small pieces and layer it in your sandwich.  Cook as you normally do for a grilled cheese sandwich.  Kimchi combined with cheese adds a whole new level of flavor and texture to grilled cheese sandwich.

Deviled Eggs—For an ethnic twist to plain deviled eggs, add kimchi to your recipe!


2 hardboiled eggs

1 Tbs chopped kimchi

1 chopped up fried bacon

2 mint leaves

1 Tbs mayonnaise

Mix the yolks with the rest of the ingredients, then scoop the filling into the egg white halves.  This recipe is by David Chang, and a delicious change from ordinary deviled eggs.

Omelet—Kimchi is a great addition to breakfast!  This kimchi omelet is so good and delicious, you’ll want it for lunch and supper too.  Just add chopped kimchi, scallion, and mushrooms to your omelet recipe.

Dumplings—Kimchi dumplings are super easy to make.  You only need 2 ingredients—kimchi and dumpling wrappers.  Cook them your favorite way—deep fried, steamed, pan fried or dropped into soup.  No need for a dipping sauce because they are bursting with flavor.

Where to find Kimchi

Look for Kimchi in the refrigerated produce section of your grocery store.  There are so many ways to enjoy kimchi, so go ahead and experiment with your other favorite recipes and have fun!

Recommended Reading:

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