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Spring is the time when a lot of people decide to take up walking.  But many do not continue this habit into the rest of the year.  Here are some habits you can get into to ensure you keep to your walking routine to stay healthy this year.

  • Make a plan.  The best way to stay with your walking routine is to plan for it.  What part of the day is best for you for walking?  If you aren’t used to walking, start with short walks and build up to longer sessions.  The worst thing to do is walk for 2 hours your first day out if you are not used to it.  This is guaranteed to make you sore and you won’t be motivated to do it again the next day.
  • Begin in the Spring.  Spring is the perfect time to begin!  You’ve just survived cold winter days shut in and now the weather is warm.  The air is full of fragrances, the birds are chirping and building nests and the weather is pleasant—not too hot or humid yet.
  • Plan around the heat.  Many people give up their walking routines when the summer heat sets in.  It’s hot.  It’s humid.  It’s difficult to breathe.  So, change your routine up and plan your walks around the heat to avoid the hottest time of the day.  Get up earlier and enjoy an early morning walk as the sun rises, or later in the evening when it cools down and watch the sunset.
  • Make it a habit.  In as little as 3 weeks, a routine can turn into a habit.  Stick to your plan of how frequently you want to walk.  You can walk every day, or 3 times a week.  Just keep to it regularly and before you know it, you’ll have a habit you won’t want to break.
  • Take water.  Remember to take water with you on your walks so you stay hydrated.   And dress for the heat or any change of weather for that day, so you’ll be prepared while you are out.

Walking is a great way to explore your neighborhood, parks, and other local places you may not have thought of before.  You can meet new people, observe nature, breathe fresh air and reap all the healthy benefits from walking.  So, why not use these tips and spring into a walking routine that will continue the rest of the year?



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