Ebola Outbreak–Prepare Now to Survive Later


Do you know how to prepare you and your family for the possibility of an Ebola outbreak?

Will the Ebola virus erupt in your neighborhood?

At this point, no one knows anything for sure.

When I homeschooled my kids, we learned about prepping and emergency preparedness as part of our life skills studies.  We learned about natural disasters, when to “bug out” and when to “bug in”.

Now we have a new threat to be concerned about.  The possibility of an Ebola outbreak is very real and the possibility of it coming to your neighborhood is growing everyday that it is not contained before spreading to more countries.

Recent news headlines indicate that Ebola is out of control and only getting worse.

Nurses are furious, may picket, over inadequate Ebola training

Texas Confirms Ebola Case

CDC:  Cases of Ebola Could Double Every 20 Days

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in the Ebola Outbreak

Ebola Outbreak:  Clinics still short on doctors, supplies 6 months later

Ebola Outbreak 2014:  Top Liberian Health Official Put Herself Under Ebola Quarantine


In my new book “Ebola Outbreak–Prepare Now to Survie Later” you will learn:

  • What is Ebola?
  • What are the Symptoms?
  • How is it Spread?

“Most people mistakenly think that the only way the virus can be spread is through direct contact with someone who is symptomatic.  Direct human contact is Only One of the Ways the virus is spread” ~ ~ ~ from Ebola OutBreak






This is a digital eBook in PDF format, not a print book.


Do you know the other ways ebola can be spread?

In “Ebola Outbreak–Prepare Now to Survive Later” you”ll also learn:

  • How to Plan How You Will Feed Your Family During an Outbreak
  • Steps for Quarantine
  • Safety and Protection Items You’ll Need
  • What Preventive Measures to Take–Not everyone follows the same level of preventative care when it comes to avoiding the virus.  Some people are more than willing to take a chance with their health–And Yours
  • Natural Herbs to Have for Relieving Symptoms and Boost Your Immune System
  • How to Keep the Environment Sterilized
  • How Much Water to Store and How to Purify It
  • What to Do if You See Symptoms
  • What to Do if the Economy Crashes During the Ebola Outbreak–The experts know that Ebola is on the way.  That means that the economic crash being felt in other countries where Ebola has taken a toll is also on the way to where you live.
  • And much more….


“In the event of an emergency such as the fallout from a pandemic, most people will continue to do what they’ve always done–and in the case of the Ebola virus–doing what they’ve always done can be deadly.” ~ ~ ~ from Ebola Outbreak







“The Ebola virus has already left its original boundaries.  The experts that are telling you that you have nothing to worry about are already looking worried themselves….the CDC and WHO knows the potential risks that the Ebola virus can make it outside its host country.  The risk is present because of the volume of international travel.”  ~ ~ ~ from Ebola Outbreak






This is a digital eBook in PDF format, not a print book.



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