4 Great Toys for Kids with Speech and Language Disabilities or Delays


Uncle Goose Lowercase ABC Blocks

Uncle Goose Lowercase ABC Blocks


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Kids who have speech and language disabilities have a more difficult time learning the same things other kids are learning at the same age. One of the best ways to help these kids to understand words, phrases and colors better is to invest in toys that allow them to learn how to pronounce words easier.

Wooden Letter Block Sets

One of the best toys for children with speech and language disabilities is a wooden block letter set. There are several ways to use letter blocks to help kids learn, and many of them have letters and pictures painted on them. Uncle Goose has a set of Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks that has both letters and numbers and a picture. This block set is made in the USA, has non-toxic paint, and good quality wood that withstands teething.

They also come in lower case ABC blocks. Many parents, teachers and librarians enjoy having both block sets for children to play and learn with.

Magnetic Letters

Magnetic letters allow your child to arrange the letter on a magnetic board or on the refrigerator. They can rearrange the letters as they build on their learning skills. Get brightly colored blocks as the vivid colors aid in learning.

See and Spell by Melissa and Doug

See and Spell comes with 16 wooden pictures with empty spaces where the letter goes. For example, for the wooden piece that has a picture of a frog on it and next to the picture, the word “frog” is spelled out. The child matches the letters and places them inside. This helps the child with memorization skills and learning the words that fit with the pictures.

LeapFrog Text and Learn

If your child learns better by hearing first, then check out the LeapFrog Text and Learn toy. They learn words by pressing a letter button on the keyboard and the toy calls out the words that begin with that letter as well as rhyming words. This game also helps them learn how to spell small words and sound out letters. The Text and Learn toy is perfect for kids with speech and language disabilities who learn better through sound, to learn how letters and words are pronounced. These kids also love to play with cell phones or noisemakers, learning through sound.

When I homeschooled my kids, I learned I had one child that learned best by seeing the words, and one that learned best by hearing.   Every child is unique and learns best when they are having fun, especially if you gear the toys to the way each individual child learns. How does your child learn best?

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