31 Day Challenge To a Healthier You Day #11—Laughter is the Best Medicine



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The sound of laughter is all you need to feel happier, boost your energy and fortify your immune system. The best part is that this priceless medicine is free and easy to use. Here’s why you should laugh more often.

The Perfect Medicine For Your Mind and Body

Did you know that laughter is one of the most powerful antidotes for anxiety and stress? There’s nothing like laughter to balance your body like a good laugh. Humor connects you on an emotional level with others, makes you happier and lightens your burdens.

Laughter is Good for Your Health

According to scientific research, laughter boosts your immune system by decreasing stress-related hormones in your body. A good laugh increases the production of immune cells enhancing your resistance to illness.

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Laughter Has a Strong Mental Benefit

It has been proven that laughter reduces anxiety, anger and sadness. It helps you relax and recharge your body, enabling you to focus and stay on track with what’s really important in your life.

The next time you feel stressed out, smile and think of something that always makes you laugh. My cure is my little dog. She’s a Boston Terrier and when she pulls her lips back into a grin she’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. What makes you laugh? Your kids? Grandkids? Pets? Joking with friends?  Or watch funny videos, like America’s Funniest Home videos on YouTube or comedians like Robin Williams or Jim Carrey, who have devoted their lives to making people laugh.

Laugh with them, because there’s no better way to overcome the challenges that life brings us.

Some of my favorite videos are of animals.  Cats are always funny…

Epic Funny Cats Jump Fail 2014-2013

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