Stay With the Herd! Book Project Day 1

Chili the Kid

Chili the Kid


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So…. ‘The Daughter’ has talked me into getting my book started, and being accountable for my progress.  Anyone interested in updates as I write?

Usually I hear crickets when I send out posts, and so it seems there isn’t much interest in what I do.  I think most writers feel that way, it’s a lonely business…. haha

My book is a part memoir/recipe/how-to book of our goat herd and the life lessons they taught me as we homeschooled and homesteaded.  Every day that I write on it, I’ll post here so you can read the updates.  I hope to have this book published by 2016.  That gives me a deadline to be accountable for.

The working title is “Stay With the Herd! Ruminations On Life While Living With a Goat Herd”.  That’s subject to change, but I like it and it fits with the personality of our lead pack goat, Chili the Kid.  Today, I wrote the Introduction, and planned a few of the topics for the first few chapters.

So, if you are interested, drop me a comment here or on my Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages to encourage me!  Use the opt in form below to get on my email list to be sure you catch future updates and posts.





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