Healing with Herbs—The Best Medicinal Plants


Healing with Herbs--The Best Medicinal Plants

Healing with Herbs–The Best Medicinal Plants



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My new book is now available!  In Healing with Herbs–The Best Medicinal Plants, I’ve written about the top 25 medicinal plants used in herbalism and their uses. Here’s what is discussed in each section:

What is Herbal Medicine?

The use of herbal medicine focuses on what is actually wrong with the body instead of simply treating the symptoms like traditional medicine does. Herbal medicine is the use of berries, nuts, seeds, bark, flowers or roots for medicinal purposes used as an alternative or in addition to pharmaceutical medicines.

Herbs in the Modern World

Many people have become dissatisfied with the rising cost of health care and side effects of prescription medications, and this has prompted an interest in holistic and more natural health care methods.


Who are Herbalists?

An herbalist practices healing by the use of herbs, and they deal with many forms of herbalism including botanical medicine, herbal medicine, phytotherapy and herbology.

Choosing Appropriate Herbs for Healing

This section discusses the top 25 herbs and their healing benefits. Most used herbs from Valerian to Yohimbe are listed with their uses and any precautions to take.

Buy the book here:  Healing with Herbs—The Best Medicinal Plants



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