31 Day Challenge to a Healthier You Day #30—Different Ways to Meditate for 10 Minutes Each Day



Walking or Earthing Meditation

Walking or Earthing Meditation



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Seeking calmness, greater energy, vibrant health and peace of mind? Meditation offers all of these benefits and more. The deeper you rest, the more benefits you’ll reap.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation transforms brainwave patterns into an Alpha state, which promotes health, peace and serenity. Regular meditation practice benefits are:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve emotional stability
  • Increase happiness
  • Enhance creativity
  • Reduce the impact problems have on your mind and body
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Boost focus
  • Expand relaxation

Meditation can help you find the balance in life. This soothing practice allows your mind to become aware of an important fact—that your inner attitude is what determines your happiness.

How Can You Get These Benefits?

In order to take advantage of all the benefits meditation offers, you need to practice it regularly. The good news is that you need less than 10 minutes a day to do it. Once you get into the habit of doing meditation, it’ll become the most pleasant part of your day.

Ways to Meditate

Don’t think you can just sit still and mediate? There are many ways to meditate while doing something and still relax your mind. Try a few of these to find the right one for you:

  • Journal—journaling your thoughts and get the junk out of your head before you start your day. This is my favorite way to meditate. Focus on the sound the pen makes as it scratches across the paper. Notice your thoughts, acknowledge them, and let them go.
  • Walking—walk in nature and focus on your footsteps, the ground beneath you, the sounds, smells, how the breeze touches your face.
  • Cooking—take time in preparation of each part of the meal. Focus attention on grinding the herbs and spices, chop veggies slowly and observe their textures, put your attention on sending love energy into the meal that you and your loved ones will eat.
  • Create an art journal—paint, draw, glue things into an art journal that reflect your life, your hopes, dreams, family, anything that makes you happy or helps you go inward for self-reflection.
  • Music—listen to instrumental and classical music to hear each instrument. Notice the melody and lyrics separately. Hum, sing and move your body to the rhythm.
  • Drink or eat slowly and mindfully. Savor the flavor on your tongue before swallowing. Focus on the aroma and texture before eating your drinking.
  • Breathe—a breathing meditation is the most common method of meditation.  Inhale for 4 counts, hold and exhale for 4 counts. Or longer. The benefit is in the focus on the breath as you inhale and exhale slowly.

No matter how busy you are, you can always find a few moments to refresh the day with meditation. Dive deep into your body and mind and feel the inner peace.



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