Gardening Tools Review: Good Ideas Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Good Ideas Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Good Ideas Rain Wizard Rain Barrel


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I’m always thankful for the rain when it comes to my garden. It means my plants are happy and watered without me needing to head out and take care of it. It got me thinking… rain saves me a lot of money when it comes to caring for my plants and lawn. I wish I could just always use rain instead of adding to my water bill.

In comes the Good Ideas Rain Wizard. It’s this big plastic barrel that you put outside and it collects water as it rains. There is a spigot on the bottom where you can hook a hose up and water your lawn or your garden without worrying about what it’s doing to the water bill. I always feel bad about wasting water on grass. It’s also much better for the environment.

As an added bonus, this is a great idea for people who live in places where there are water shortages during certain times of the year.

Features of the Good Ideas Rain Wizard

It’s made of BPA free plastic so it’s not going to contaminate your water even if it’s sitting in there for a long time.

The 50 gallon size means you’ll be able to capture a ton of rain water and you don’t need to worry about it running out too fast.

The hole on the top has a grate over it to keep pets and children safe. It also keeps out bugs and debris. It’s easily removable in case you want to set it up so your gutters drain the rain into it.

Good Ideas Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Good Ideas Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

No flimsy plastic spigot, it’s made of brass so you won’t need to worry about it breaking off when you attach the hose.

Plastic sides are thick and sturdy so there won’t be any breaks or leaks.

Direct sunlight won’t dull or ruin the barrel in any way. It also comes in a bunch of colors and in my opinion it looks pretty fantastic.

Are There Any Downsides?

There are a few issues with this and other rain catching barrels.

You don’t want to leave them out during the freezing months. Like a hose, you want to empty it and move it into a shed or garage once temperatures get low enough to freeze.

It’s only 19 pounds empty but as it fills up don’t expect to be able to easily move it. Fifty gallons of water is HEAVY!


The Good Ideas Rain Wizard is a great way to save money on your water bill and is great for the environment. Rain water is perfect for watering your plants and lawn. It’s sturdy and pretty much set and forget as long as you empty it before the first freeze of winter. All-in-all a great investment considering how much money you can save on your water bill when you no longer need to pay to water the lawn.


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