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Do you want to create food that is Paleo-friendly, Clean-approved, Nourishing Traditions inspired, with an emphasis on Farm to Table?

The most effective and comprehensive way to learn how to cook real food is from a teacher who can guide you through the steps easily. And you can do this without having to enroll in a culinary school, hiring a health coach, or leaving your own kitchen!

Today, we live in a world that runs on convenience. Cooking has become a lost art and replaced by fast food, prepackaged dinners, microwaves, and overly processed foods. With the industrialization of our food system, we have become disconnected from real food and the direct relationship to our inherent, radiant health.

You can learn how to cook meals from scratch using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Introducing Chef Frank Giglio—a chef, nutrition educator, farmer, wild food enthusiast and family man. He’s designed a course to teach you how to cultivate the skills needed to empower you to take responsibility for your own health, those you cook for and the health of the planet.   In other words, he will teach you to catch, filet, and cook the proverbial fish, not do it for you!


Just a few things you will know how to do after you complete the course:

  • Save on your groceries without cutting corners or coupons
  • Whip up homemade kitchen essentials like sauces and condiments while sparing yourself the cost of the preservatives, chemicals or rancid oils in store-bought products
  • Know how to design a menu and create delicious, seasonal meals
  • Support local, organic and sustainable farming practices with ease
  • Use efficient cooking techniques enhanced nutrition
  • How to add in wild plants, sea vegetables and medicinal herbs
  • The top 5 techniques for cooking seasonal produce
  • Year round fermenting techniques
  • How to set up a drying station and use the sun to preserve your food
  • Wild food cookery
  • Why using the whole animal is of great importance

Click here if you’ve been waiting for a comprehensive course that covers cuisine, culinary skills and nutrition and are ready to create a lifestyle conducive to health and well-being.






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