Your Healthy Gut–Transitioning to Clean Food Habits




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Your Healthy Gut

What you put in your mouth can cure – or cause – illness…

In the US, we trust the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to provide safe food and drug certifications. Often the FDA retracts approval ratings or takes years to acknowledge problems.

I’m sure you can think of food items (and drug) that were once approved by the FDA only to be blacklisted years later.

Generally, Americans trust and listen to the FDA. When we were told that butter was bad and margarine good, we replaced butter with margarine in our baking and dining habits. We embraced vegetable oils for cooking. Eggs were banned from many a breakfast table believing they were to blame for cholesterol clogging arteries and causing heart failure.

At the same time, our lifestyles became more mobile and we spent more time away from the home. Fast food outlets offered us simple and tasty dining alternatives. We didn’t have to prepare meals – we just grabbed the meal-to-go. Families started to eat out instead of cooking dinner and eating at home. So we adopted diets high in trans fats and very low in nutritional value. Some would say our nutritional habits are toxic.

Fast forward to the 21st century food consumer and witness a new trend towards “clean eating.” This is brought about by studies linking mental and physical disorders to our diet. The FDA is back-peddling on some previously blessed food products. They are also forgiving some which were blacklisted.

There is a new consciousness displayed by the consumer. The trend indicates that people are moving to healthier foods and taking ownership of their nutritional health. Genetically modified foods are banned in many European countries. People are sick of turning to drug-based solutions to illnesses. Who can afford them anyway???

 Are you sick and tired of always being sick and tired?



Chances are you are eating your way to an early grave.

But you can change direction.

Are you looking for relief from low energy and chronic illness without turning to a lifelong dependance on prescription pills?

Would your life be better if you could …

  • feel good after eating a meal
  • eliminate moodiness and enjoy a sense of wellbeing throughout the day
  • pump up your metabolism to melt away calories
  • take walks without huffing and puffing
  • stop chronic outbreaks of skin allergies
  • free yourself the daily struggle of gut bloating and cramps
  • have energy left over at the end of the day for quality time with the family

… enjoy every day free from anxiety and angry outbursts?

You KNOW the answer isn’t popping another vitamin or downing your third glazed donut.

Some things you can change for the better. You do have the power. You just need a little help.

Step forward into your healthy future and discover how changing your nutrition puts you in control of your health and longevity!

And changing to a healthy, clean diet filled with whole foods does NOT cost more than fast food.

Yes, you will spend time selecting and preparing your healthy foods, but the rewards are substantial. 

Find a new level of health and peace of mind with

“Your Healthy Gut”


It’s simple to get started.

Take the first step.

The Time is NOW

Look… you can ENJOY life after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There’s a new you waiting to take on the world with a healthier mind, body and spirit. And with  “Your Healthy Gut” you begin the transformation today.

Take the first step to a healthier you and make the change to wholesome goodness.


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