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When it comes to gardening, the basic concepts are easy to learn—take care of your plants, water them, make sure they get enough light, keep them free of pests, etc. A lot of it is common sense, but it never hurts to always keep learning new tips for taking care of your garden. Here are a few tips for your fruit garden to keep in mind as you plant, maintain and harvest the ‘fruits of your labor’.


You need patience if you are growing fruit trees. They can take several years to mature enough to produce fruit. Fruit trees are a long-term investment and will pay off down the line with fruit for you, your kids and possibly grandkids. Some trees will have ‘off’ years and not produce at all. Keep track of how often these fruitless years happen and plan accordingly.

Don’t Pick Too Early

If the fruit seems too firm, leave it on the branch or vine a little longer to ripen. Ripened fruit has a fuller flavor and just tastes better. It’s also better for you and they have more natural fruit sugars and richer in antioxidants. On the flip side, don’t wait too long to pick. Overripe fruit is past its prime.

Check Often for Disease and Infestation

Be sure to check for common signs of insect or animal damage. If the plant’s leaves are discolored or lack proper growth, this could indicate something is wrong. If you’re plants get sick, aren’t receiving proper nutrients or are attacked by insects or wildlife, you could end up with nothing to show for all the effort you put into your fruit garden.

Gardening of any kind is worth all the effort—especially when you sink your teeth into that crisp apple or juicy peach. It will be worth all the days and weeks (and years) you spent caring for and maintaining your perfect garden.

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