Winter Veggies for the Cold Weather Gardener


Winter Crops



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Did you know you can harvest some veggies all through winter? Gardening doesn’t have to be over after fall harvest. You can plant late summer and through fall for a winter garden too!

Winter Lettuce—There are several varieties of hardy lettuces that grow well for picking right through winter. It depends on how harsh or mild your winter climate is and whether you leave them unprotected or covered, but you’ll have crisp delicious lettuce to add to your meals and salads.

Broccoli—Broccoli is a perfect cold weather crop to plant in your garden. You can plant and transplant some varieties in late summer and they will be ready for picking from fall through the winter months.

Asparagus-Prepare the asparagus bed in the fall for a hardy delicious veggie. Asparagus is easy to grow. Pick it when the stalks are young and tender.

Leeks—Take care while planting and maintaining leeks in your garden and you’ll have another veggie to add to your menus throughout winter..

Kohlrabi—This veggie flourishes in winter, growing quickly. It tastes great and is often compared to turnips or broccoli.

Make sure your garden is productive all year long by growing these 5 winter hardy veggies. You’ll still be enjoying your garden when all the other gardeners are dreaming of spring!



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