Make the art of herbal crafting and medicine making fun for the whole family




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By Chef Frank from Three Lily Farm

Making your own herbal remedies is a cost effective, enjoyable, and empowering way to take control of your health. By creating a healthy relationship with wild and/or cultivated plants outside your home, you can begin to understand their potent properties and become more confident along your health journey.

For us, the home, and the kitchen especially, is the core of our health care system. Over the years, we have become more empowered to use plants to treat a variety of ailments and to incorporate many plants into the food we eat. By learning to best utilize an array of plants, we have improved the flavor of our meals, created better relationships with the natural world, and improved our family’s health.

Just like our ancestors, we have implemented various means of creating herbal tonics, tinctures, and home remedies. This means having a variety of herbs and plant material on hand at all times, to better assist any injuries or ailments that come our way. What has started off as our healing journey, has now spread throughout our house and home. From skin care to house cleaners, we have replaced chemical laden products with pure ingredients from the plant kingdom.

Make the art of herbal crafting and medicine making fun for the whole family

Involving children in the process of what keeps us nourished and thriving from the kitchen — can be fun, educational, great for family bonding, sometimes a bit messy, but oh so enjoyable. Reviving old traditions to be passed down to future generations.

Plus, get the techniques that allow you to sneak medicine into delicious creations

Create medicinal preparations that can help fight colds, flus, and seasonal illness

Learn about different herbal tea techniques and enjoy our favorite tea recipes

Learn How to Make Herbal Vinegar and Oil Infusions

Dive into the art of crafting medicinal & herbal honey wines with the seasons

Learn how to create culinary and topical oils  that can be used on the body, in the home, and the kitchen

Clean your home with the assistance of herbs and avoid chemicals and skin irritants

Discover new ways to improve the energy in your home


Is this course for you?

Enjoy and want to create new Recipes in Your kitchen

  • Want to set yourself and your family up for success
  • Want to protect you and your family from seasonal ailments
  • Have the need and desire for an Herbal First Aid Kit in your home
  • Like herbs, plants, and all things botanical
  • Travel and want to be able to stay healthy and thriving while doing so
  • You have a garden and want something to do with the extra abundance
  • Have been waiting for the “perfect” time to take a course because of your schedule and need a flexible format for learning
  • Have the desire to create hand-crafted goodies to give as gifts
  • Want a chemical-free and clean feeling home
  • Want to upgrade your tea program
  • Are ready to take the time to create a lifestyle conducive to health and well-being
  • Want the confidence you need to create home herbal remedies
  • Love using herbs and spices to flavor and spice up your food

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