Why Are We Not Prepared?




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Be Prepared! We’ve been continually told time and again, from government officials to different faiths to the Boy Scouts of America, we’ve been warned to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters, yet many of us still fail to be prepared.

So why don’t we prepare?  One reason may be the modern conveniences and luxuries we have now.  We’ve become complacent towards preparedness.  We are used to flipping a switch, turning a dial, inserting a key or pulling a lever to provide just about every necessity of we desire.  With almost no effort, we can have food, water, heat and light.  For most of us, we live a life of luxury, yet continue to want bigger and better or more convenient things.

These modern conveniences also come in the Age of Information.  Information from around the world comes into our homes as fast as you can turn on a computer, radio or TV almost the instant news happens.  Our desire for information, and the speed and ease to which to access it, provides us with the ability to assess potential emergencies and hazards better than we could in the past.

Stories of natural and manmade disasters, civil unrest and unemployment from around the world fill the headlines and newscasts.  These headlines give us several very good reasons to be prepared for emergencies.  But we still fail to be prepared.

What Keeps Us From Being Prepared?

Too often, we are just too busy to prepare, or we may have a secret fear that by preparing, we will cause a disaster to happen.  Or, we trust that emergency responders will always be there to help us.  You know as well as I do, that too many communities were not prepared when recent natural disasters struck.  Not only that, but the emergency systems in place for these catastrophes are under manned, under staffed, under budgeted and can’t keep up during a major emergency.

Having modern conveniences leads to comfort which leads to complacency.  When you become complacent, you won’t feel a need to prepare for an emergency.  Our modern lifestyles have given us a false sense of hope, and for this reason, we often put off doing things we know we should do.  And when disaster strikes, you’ll wish you had planned ahead.

What Can You Do to Get Prepared?

Start by making a plan.  Determine what supplies you need and make a plan on how to stock up on those things.

Ask yourself questions:

What supplies will I need to grab in a hurry?

What will I do if my home catches on fire?

What will I do if a tornado comes through and damages my home?

What will I do in case of a power outage that could last several days?  Or weeks?  Do I have enough food, fresh water, etc for that duration?

What will I do in case of a flood or hurricane?

Most people who live in areas prone to hurricanes or tornados are generally more prepared for them.  But, if you are new to these areas, you need to learn how to prepare for them.

Plan ahead and be prepared and you can save yourself a lot of frustration and confusion if a disaster strikes your area or home.  Don’t leave these preparations to chance.  And don’t rely on emergency responders to get to you in time.  There are many people they will have to help.  So make yourself as self-reliant as possible.  Get prepared!


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