Handy Survival Tips for a Power Outage




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Most of us have gone through short power outages, but do you know how to deal with a power outage that lasts for several days?  You still need to eat, possibly cook food and stay warm or cool depending on the season.  You’ll also need something to occupy your time and keep you amused while waiting.  This is especially true if you have kids who aren’t used to sitting around being bored.

Cooking/Meal Time Tips

Make sure you are rotating foods in your storage.

Encourage your kids to help prepare meals—try to make it more fun.

Teach your kids how to cook outside.

Keeping Warm Tips

Store extra socks, gloves and hats in your storage containers.  Keeping your extremities warm will help keep your entire body warmer.

Use sleeping bags and extra blankets to sit on and keep warm.

Cuddle together.  Body heat will transfer and keep everyone warmer.

A dog is great to cuddle with.  Let them sleep on your feet or cuddle with you and your kids for extra warmth.

Keeping Cool Tips

Sit in shady places outside.

Sip on water so you don’t get dehydrated.

Keep a wet handkerchief around your neck.

Tips to Avoid Boredom

Walk around without going too far, and scout your location.

Store lots of paper and pencils.   Play games like hangman, MASH, or other paper games.  Pick a phrase like Emergency Evacuation and see who can create new words out of it.  Make combinations of other words for phrases too.

Play games like I Spy.  Take time to teach your kids their surroundings, identify wild plants or teach them how to read a map.

Teach them how to use a compass and how to start a fire.

Board Games

Pack your favorite family board games with your emergency supplies.  Family favorites include Monopoly, Scrabble and other trivia games.  There are even fun games based on Zombie Apocalypse Survival that will keep your kids entertainedMake sure you have games suitable for everyone in the family.

Card Games

Pack a deck of cards so you can play Go Fish, Snap, Pairs, or even Solitaire.


Include several types of books in your supply kit.  Novels, how-to books, and puzzle books that have word searches and crosswords will pass the time.

When a power outage lasts several days, children will have to learn how to adjust.  Everyday basics of living will change.  If they are used to playing videos and spending time on their computers, they will feel lost without them.  Teach them how to survive without power before it happens and have your supplies stocked and within reach to make it easier to survive a power outage.  Teach them the skills they will need, and when a power outage does happen, they will feel useful and more peaceful that they can contribute and know what to do.


I Spy Eagle Eye

Zombie-Opoly Board Game

Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, a cooperative board game

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