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Many times while we are prepping for disasters and survival situations, we can overlook some areas of emergency planning.  Here are some quick tips for planning for emergencies.

Emergency Evacuation

You need an emergency evacuation plan for your home as well as for your community.  Most communities have emergency evacuation routes that you can access.  Get these so you will know which direction to go and detours to take if the main route is not available.

Knowing where these routes are in advance will help you stay calm during an emergency evacuation.  But, you must be prepared for the unprepared—not everyone will know which routes to take, and there will be many panicked people who might block roadways because they don’t know what to do.

Pet Care

If you have pets, make a plan on how to handle them during an emergency.  Purchase pet carriers, and train your pets to use them.  Store (and rotate use of) food for your pets in their own storage containers, along with your emergency supplies.  Keep their leashes by the door and an extra one by emergency exit areas.

Remain calm during an emergency.  Your pets will sense if you are panicked and they will also panic.  They will be harder to manage or even to be put in a carrier or on a leash if they are scared.

Important Documents

You need to be able to ‘grab and go’ – so keep copies of your important documents in your emergency supply kit.  Make copies of birth records, medical records, marriage license, 401K and other financial documents and keep them updated.

A small fire-safe box is one of the best storage containers for documents.  Simply keep it where you can get to it if you’re forced to grab things and leave in a hurry.

Protecting Computer Data

Make several back up plans for your computer.  You should have an online backup plan in case your computer is completely destroyed.  You can gain access to its contents when you replace it.

An external hard drive that contains your computer backups is also essential.  You may want to have two separate units for this.  Have one that you can grab quickly, like a flash drive, and store the external drive in your emergency supply kits.  Update them both at the same time, and update both on a regular basis.

Planning ahead for emergency situations will give you peace of mind if something does happen.  You will know you are prepared and will know where everything is that you need.  And grabbing it to go, if needed, will take just a moment because you planned ahead.

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