Prepping Supply List for Emergency Survival and Preparedness


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One of the most difficult areas of emergency preparedness is knowing what you should have in your emergency kit.  Gather the things on this list and store them in your plastic containers and you will have a good basic start for what you will need.

Camping equipment can be a lifesaver during an emergency.  Even if you don’t like camping, just having some camping equipment on hand will come in handy for an emergency situation.

If your home is all electric, then a propane camp stove can be a lifesaver during a disaster.  You will still be able to cook hot meals and brew comfort drinks like coffee and tea.

Invest in cast iron cookware.  Cast iron is durable and doesn’t have plastic handles that can melt off from a hot fire.  Cast iron can be used on a propane stove or open fire pit.

A generator can give you electricity for short times during a power outage.  While this is a larger investment, if you live in an area that has frequent power outages, you will be glad you purchased one.

Supply List of Necessities:

Jugs of water 

Bathtub water storage


Rechargable style flashlight


Spare batteries

Sleeping bags

Spare blankets

Camping Supplies:

Propane cook stoves

Propane canisters for stove

Stove top coffee makers

Cast iron or metal handled pots

Propane lanterns

Ice box cooler

Spare or plastic utensils

Metal camping plates/mugs

Canned Food:





Smoked foods


Misc. Supplies:

Lighter or matches

Water proof containers for storage

Can opener


Paper plates

Dry Goods: 



Sweets, if you aren’t diabetic

Dry packaged foods

Tip:  keep freezer shut as much as possible so food will last a few days

First Aid Kit:




Antibacterial ointment

Pepto Bismol chewables

Aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen


Cotton balls

Sterile medical tape

Gauze pads

Moist wipes

Pass the Time:

Board games


Card games

Pen and paper

This is just a basic list of supplies and you can adjust it to meet your specific needs.  Small children may want to have a few toys.  This will also depend on your situation and whether you can stay in your home during an emergency.  If you have to go to an emergency shelter, the toys will give your children something to do and keep them amused.

If you have an outside grill or barbecue, always keep a spare tank full of propane.  This will give you a way to heat water and cook food for several days, if necessary.


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