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It’s easy to make healthy juices at home that taste great.  Read on for some handy tips for juicing.

  • • Storing juice—if you need to store juice in the fridge for later, add a tablespoon of lemon juice.  This small amount won’t affect the flavor and will keep the juice from discoloring as it sits.  For best results, always try to drink your juice immediately after making it, before oxidation sets in.
  • • That one vegetable you don’t like—is there one vegetable you know you need in your diet but don’t like the taste of?  Mix it with the other veggies in your juice to mask the flavor and still get important nutrients in.
  • • New to juicing?  Or veggies in general?  Start by adding whole veggies in your diet for a few days first before you go to all-juice.  This will help you ease into a juicing habit if you have been dependent on a diet mainly of sugar/flour and other common diet staples.
  • • Smooth pulp free juice—if you find bits of pulp in your juice and don’t want it, pour your juice through a coffee filter before drinking.  Keep in mind that softer veggies will provide a thicker juice, for example, tomato juice.
  • • Stay in the juicing habit—keep your juicer on the countertop at all times to remind you to make your juice every day.  If you put it away, it’s out of sight and out of mind.

Juicing is easy, healthy and a smart way to get in extra nutrients.  Be sure and check out my other post Why Masticating Juicers Make the Most Sense and Juice to pick out the right juicer for your needs.


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