Urban Survival Bug out Bags—Do You Have Your Emergency Disaster Kits Ready?



Urban Survival Bug Out Bag2

Urban Survival Bug Out Bags



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Everyone in your family should have enough food, water and emergency tools to survive any disaster, natural or man-made.  The Urban Survival Bug-Out Bag is perfect for this type of situation.

The bags are made for two people so if you have two adults they can carry enough supplies for themselves and their children.

With the 2-person Urban Survival Bug-out bag/Emergency Disaster Kit you won’t have to worry if you have to leave your residence and head out on foot.

Top features of the Survival Bug-Out Bag:

  • Discreet black backpack
  • Hygiene/First Aid items
  • Lightweight

When you have to take off in a moment’s notice, you need a bug-out bag or grab and go bag that has a good variety of essentials.  This bag will include a lot of essential items but feel free to add others as you see fit.

The bag is big enough to load up with any other items you think necessary for your survival in case you have to leave the safety and comfort of your home.

Some of the items included in the bag are:

  • Sleeping bags
  • Ponchos
  • Hand Warmers
  • Leather palm work gloves
  • And much, much more

The backpack and everything included inside weighs a mere 12.4 pounds.  Everything you will need as a basic starter kit is included for your convenience.  The food and water are US Coast Guard approved with a 5-year shelf life.


Urban Survival Bug Out Bags

Urban Survival Bug Out Bags

Now you can get organized easily because the work has been done for you.  You will have food, water, weather protection, emergency tools, first-aid and hygiene items all conveniently stored in the backpack.

The back is also oversized, as mentioned before, so if there is something that you would like to include on your own you can do that too!  There are plenty of pockets all over the bag.

A recent customer had this to say about the bug out bags:

“The backpack that everything comes in is a little small (mostly the shoulder straps) but hopefully it’s durable! Everything comes in separate little baggies like all medical supplies are grouped together and the tent and sleeping bags are grouped together so that makes it a little easier to fit it all in the backpack.

A little preparation is better than nothing!

I’d recommend this to anyone trying to get a disaster/emergency pack together. After adding everything in, there’s still plenty of room and other zippers and pockets all over this bag to accomodate everything you might need in case of an emergency! I’m very pleased with this product but I hope I never have to use it!”

And another happy customer also left this review:

“While I hope I never have to use these, I’m glad I bought them. I got two and feel I’m fully stocked for an emergency. The flashlight is amazing. Has a radio too.”

Don’t be caught off guard.  Purchasing The Urban Survival Bug-Out Bag for two people is the best decision you can make for the safety of you and your loved ones.  Don’t even think twice.


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