Why Is A Paleo Diet So Essential?



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If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, you are not alone.  More and more, people are stressed out because they are overweight, weak and struggling with mounting pile of diseases that seems to get longer and more exotic by the year.  From diabetes to acne, it’s harder to keep our bodies in balance and shape.  And of course, the fitness industry feeds into this problem by marketing plenty of fad diets and new pills, but most of these programs are designed to pad their wallets more than improve people’s health.  So what’s been going wrong?

A steady decline in nutrition in our diets.  Thousands of years ago, humans worked as hunter-gatherers.  They chased down everything that they ate and perfected their bodies through generations of work.  But everything took a turn when we invented agriculture to supplement our diets.  Recent research is showing that our bodies don’t respond to grains the way we always thought they did.

The Dangers of Grains?

Grains are high in carbohydrates, and the more sedentary we have become, the more glucose is stored in our systems.  Glucose is quickly stored as fat and high levels of glucose in the blood can force us to store fat and can lead to diabetes and other health conditions.

In addition, most of these grains contain glutens.  More and more people are being diagnosed as gluten intolerant and this protein pops up in all kinds of grains.  Gluten is hard to digest and secretes chemicals that damage your intestines.  If you still want grains in your diet, then soaking and fermenting them will neutralize the harmful aspects.  Otherwise, eliminating grains from your diet, at least for a while to see how your health changes, can be the best way to improve your health.

That’s not all there is to worry about.  Just about all modern grain-based foods are made from a large quantity of white flour.  Heavily processed flour is stripped of bran and germ during processing.  Afterwards, the flour is bleached with chemicals and then enriched with synthetic vitamins.  Consumption of white bread and white rice can actually make our health situations worse.

Sugar Causes Problems, Too

White sugar is also a dangerous part of the modern diet.  Like flour, it has also been overly processed so there are no nutrients left in it and causes serious health problems.  Sugar is stored in the body as glucose, making us fat, ruining our teeth and gives us “brain fog”.

Many people don’t realize how addicting sugar is and consume it in larger quantities than they realize throughout their day to day routines.  Our ancestors never ate any of these things.

Processed Foods

It’s amazing how accustomed we’ve become to eating processed food without thinking about it.  The convenience of picking up ready made meals after a long day at work has simplified our lives in some ways.  But it has also wreaked havoc on our bodies.  Everything from microwaved dinners to potato chips make you feel weak and slow almost immediately after eating them.  Our bodies are good at adapting, up to a point, and you may think you’ve gotten away with a lifetime of eating junk food.  But ask someone who has eliminated these kinds of foods from their diet to try some junk food and their reaction will tell you a lot about the real health value of these foods.

It’s Time for a Change

Paleo isn’t just a diet, it is a lifestyle change focused on eliminating elements of our diet that do the most harm and increasing the foods that humans have used the best throughout history:  grass fed meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts and the occasional fruit.  Why not take two weeks and see the real effects of the paleo diet on your weight and fitness level for yourself?

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