Gardening Clothes—What to Wear for Comfort and Protection



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You have probably heard that you should “dress for success”, but dressing for gardening? Actually, if you want to protect your hands, feet, knees and elbows from unsightly scratches and scrapes, there is a “right” way you should dress yourself before you tackle your yard work.

For instance, you should always check the weather report before you head outside to pull weeds, plant flowers or mow your lawn. This guarantees you do not have to stop what you are doing to head inside for a change of clothing.

Sunglasses are important to protect your eyesight. Even when looking down away from the sun, sunlight can reflect off lower surfaces and right into your eyes. Aside from momentarily making it hard to see, repeated gardening without proper eye-wear can lead to vision problems later in life.

Speaking of the sun, don’t forget sun protection in the form of lotions, long sleeves and long-legged pants. Sure, you may tell yourself you are only going to be a few minutes. Then you return inside after an hour in the garden, sporting a painful sunburn. If you go out in the morning planning a full day outside, layer your clothing. This means you can simply remove or add layers as the temperature rises or drops.


Wearing old, comfortable, loose fitting clothing is a must. This allows you to move and bend freely. It also means not getting a nice shirt, skirt or pair of pants dirty. In many gardening situations, a wide-brimmed hat is a great idea. It protects more than just your face, giving your shoulders and neck some relief from the sun.

Buying a pair of gloves specifically made for gardening duties makes a lot of sense. You limit the chances of getting blisters on your hands, and being cut and scratched by Mother Nature. The right type of gardening gloves can also improve your grip on your tools.

bamboo gloves

These gloves are made from bamboo

As both a fashion accessory and functional piece of gardening gear, wear an apron. Gardening aprons are designed with multiple pockets that keep your tools and gardening accessories quickly and conveniently available.

As mentioned above, wear a long pair of pants if possible. This protects your legs from cuts and bruises, as well as sunburn and insects. Finally, wear supportive shoes securely fastened to your feet. No flip-flops or other loose-fitting shoes, as they increase your risk of falling. You also want your shoes to have a good gripping tread.

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