Herb Fairies–A Magical Tale of Plants and Their Remedies is Now in Print



Herb Fairies is now available on amazon.com




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The much loved Herb Fairies book series is now available on amazon.com !  Read on to discover what it’s all about….

Herb Fairies–A Magical Tale of Plants and Their Remedies was released by LearningHerbs.com a few years ago as an online program to teach kids about herbs.  Now it is available on Amazon for purchase.

What if you could have been mentored as a child in learning about herbs?  Written by Kimberly Gallagher, the creator of Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game, each book in the series is an adventure story on a new herb fairly that is a part of the bigger story.  Here’s a description from the author at LearningHerbs.com:

Each book has a story of it’s own, but they’re all connected to tell the much bigger story of a time when the plant magic was fading from the world.

A group of kids go on an adventure.

In each book they meet an herb fairy, such as Stellaria the Chickweed Fairy, Viola the Violet Fairy, Tago the Plantain Fairy and Melissa the Lemon Balm Fairy.

The kids learn about the plants through their adventures with the fairies, and help heal a Magic Keeper in each book.

The Magic Keepers are different magic beings, such as trolls, elves, and dwarves.

The more fairies they meet along the way, the more magic keepers are healed… AND the children get closer to restoring the plant magic to the world.

The books teach your kids key identifying qualities of the plants as well as healing and edible uses through the OLDEST and most effective form of teaching… STORYTELLING.”

Herb Fairies




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