Back to the Basics Living Bundle Helps You Live the Simple Country Life, Even in the City



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© 2016 Shanna Lea

Do you dream of living in the country and living the simple life?  Do you live in the city, and there is just no way that living in the country is possible at this time?

You can still live in the city or small town and live the simple life!  In fact, when I first started homesteading and homeschooling with my kids, we lived in a small town and started with chickens, ducks and rabbits alongside our garden.  I learned all I could from various sources on how to do all this.

For this week only, you have the advantage of having all this information in one collection called The Back to Basics Bundle.


It has over 60 eBooks, memberships and subscriptions from the best bloggers and authors in the Back to Basics movement.




Topics include:

  • Cooking from scratch
  • Simple living
  • DIY
  • Natural remedies
  • Homeschooling
  • Green living
  • Frugal living
  • Preparedness
  • Homesteading

Plus—There are bonus offers from companies in the back to basics lifestyle.

All of these authors, content creators, bloggers and companies have come together for this Back to Basics Living event.

For one week only, The Back to Basics Bundle will be on sale for over 90% off the regular cost of these resources.  AND, the vendors are offering some steep discounts.  They made this possible because they want to make a difference by offering these huge savings to get you on your ‘back to basics ‘journey.

Once this week is over, the bundle is gone forever.   Sale ends midnight (CST) January 24.

Start 2016 off right, by taking a simpler, natural approach to life.   Click here to see the bundle.



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