Home Grown Food Summit 2016

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Join 30+ Leading Experts in Backyard Food Production Who Will Help You Become Free of Supermarkets and Drugstores   

 I love gardening and anything that helps us learn more about growing our own food and medicine. On March 7-13, you have the opportunity to learn more about growing your own food and medicine right in your backyard.

This year the Home Grown Food Summit is hosting more than 30 experts on homesteading and herbal medicine presentations.

These educators are truly passionate about sharing and improving knowledge in the backyard food production movement. And they are sharing their experiences and secrets with you.

For free.

This summit gives you access to the details of how to grow your own food and medicine in your backyard. These are essential skills you need to know and this summit can get you on the right track with these experts.

Click here to get details about the Home Grown Food Summit 2016. 

How does it work? 

Starting March 7-13, 2016, 4-5 presentations will be posted daily and be available for 24 hours for you to watch and learn.

Every morning, an email will be sent to your inbox announcing the presentations for that day. You’ll have time to view them before the next day’s presentations are posted. And it’s completely FREE.

Get 2 Free e-Books just for registering 

  1. Simple & Effective Watering Systems for Small Livestock
  2. Top 10 Survival Crops: How to Grow Them & Save Their Seeds

Here are just a few of the presenters:

  • 3 Steps to Starting Your Urban Farm—Greg Peterson
  • Herbal Treatment of Wounds and Lacerations with Home Grown Herbs—Dr Patrick Jones
  • How I Cut My Chicken Feed Bill by 100%–Justin Rhodes
  • Heritage Goats—Alison Martin
  • Saving Seeds—Bill McDorman
  • Easy Urban Livestock—Kari Spencer
  • Natural & Treatment-Free BeeKeeping—Jacqueline Freeman
  • Worm Farming—Ralph Rhoades
  • Picking Heritage Pigs—Jeanette Beranger
  • Raising Goats Naturally—Deborah Nieman
  • Weather Forecasting for Homesteaders, Hikers, and Hunters—David Young
  • 12 Super Foods You Can Grow Yourself—Sayer Ji
  • Growing Backyard Herbs for Market—Nicole Telkes
  • Elder Athletes Grow Their Own Food—Marjory Wildcraft
  • And more !

Here’s What You’ll Learn During the FREE Home Grown Food Summit: 

  • How to spend $0 feeding your chickens
  • Make $80 worth of compost each week
  • Legally keeping chickens and goats in the city
  • Natural beekeeping WITHOUT chemicals
  • How to get FREE access to local seed varieties
  • The BEST species of worms for backyard composting
  • Our role in breaking the monopoly of big chemical and seed companies
  • Lessons we can learn from WWI and WWII
  • How science supports backyard gardening as a cure for most major diseases
  • Save $100s making your own fish emulsion fertilizer
  • And much much more!

There are many more presentations that will be available. Click here to Register now for this free online event   


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