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As you probably know, the Grow Network is a scrappy little team that works its heart out each year to host the annual Home Grown Food Summit.

… We’re now just days away from the launch of the 2016 Summit, which begins this coming Monday, March 7th!

(I’m assuming you’ve already registered here: Home Grown Summit)

Remember, it’s free to attend.

And they give you two nice bonus gifts for signing up.

Anyway, I’m super excited for this year’s Summit, because they have some awesome presentations lined up for you:

37+ video interviews with world-renowned experts in backyard food production, herbal medicine, homesteading, self-sufficiency, and more.

For example, this year’s Summit will feature:

Geoff Lawton, the world’s premier permaculturist.  Geoff is going to show us what he looks for when he purchases a property, and then give us a tour of his private farm.

(That’s right… the best guy in the world at making land grow abundant food is going to show you what he looks for in a property.  Isn’t that the coolest?)

Geoff shot this video just for us… it has never been seen before.

And Jacqueline Freeman is an amazing beekeeper who is doing it all natural. No chemicals, no sugar, and she is so in touch with the bees that, get this, she doesn’t wear a protection suit.  No veil, gloves, or protective clothing.

She is going to show you some of the basics to get started in beekeeping.

Isn’t that totally awesome?

You’ll also get to watch David the Good, who created a whole movie about composting.  Yeah, a real movie.  But this goes way, way, beyond the ‘greens and browns’ into Extreme Composting.  And you know what?  It is hilarious. David has such a sense of humor.

And then there’s Ira Wallace.  Do you love garlic?  Me too.  I call it one of the three survival foods (tomatoes, onions, and garlic) because with these three you can make anything taste good.  Plus, it’s also my go-to remedy for infections, colds, bronchitis, and chills.

So they found Ira Wallace, who is this incredibly warm, down-home spirit who has been growing great garlic for decades.  Ira knows her garlic so well she grows all kinds of varieties for trials and testing at the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

And she is going to show you exactly what you need to know to grow great garlic.

And that’s just the beginning…

Because then they’ll introduce you to Dan Bussey, the “apple guy.”  Dan manages an orchard of over 1,100 varieties of heritage apple trees.  Plus, he is the author of The Illustrated History of Apples in North America.

Have you ever noticed… when someone is living their true purpose, you can feel it?

Growing apples is clearly what Dan was put on this earth to do.

And his presentation on grafting apple trees is offered with a gentleness and wisdom that is unmatched.

Then there is Machaelle Small Wright.

Machaelle has not given a public interview for years.

She is known for her book Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered.  She is also the leader of a massive group of people who are working with Nature Spirits to grow their food.

Machaelle saw what was going on with the Home Grown Food Summit, and she was impressed enough to give us a presentation on how to work directly with Nature to improve our garden yields.

How do you work with Nature, directly?  How do you communicate with the unseen world?  You have to check out this presentation.

Ronnie Cummins is the leader of “Millions Against Montsanto,” and he knows all about the absolute devastation commercial agriculture is doing.

After you watch Ronnies inspiring presentation on “The 7 Ways Growing Your Own Food Saves The Planet,” I promise you will know deep in your bones how important the work you are doing in your backyard is.

Again, there are so many more, I could rave for hours…

  • Got a friend or family member with cancer?  Ty Bollinger will show you the threefold healing power of your garden.
  • Want to jump-start your urban farm?
  • How about learn how to save seeds?
  • Interested in worm farming?
  • Heritage goats and pigs?
  • Victory Gardens?
  • Nourishing infusions?
  • Treating wounds with herbal medicine?
  • Legal issues for homesteaders?
  • Cooking with the sun?
  • Starting an herb business?
  • Eating dirt?
  • Growing sacred space?
  • Predicting the weather?
  • Increasing the potency of backyard medicine?

… And the list goes on.

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This year’s Home Grown Food Summit is going to blow you away with over 50 hours of video interviews, talks and presentations in all.

And they are SO PROUD that they’ve again lined up “the best of the best” for you.

And you know they are giving away two gift eBooks, just for registering.

(Gift eBook #1 teaches you how to make small livestock watering systems.  And Gift eBook #2 shows you how to grow and save the seeds of 10 Survival Plants.)  

Here is the link to get your ticket (it’s free):  Home Grown Summit 

The Summit starts next Monday (March 7th), so register soon.

And it only happens once a year.  It is an amazing event.

This is incredible!

Shanna Lea

PS:  Here is the link again  Home Grown Summit 



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